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Artist Statement

"The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade
of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, incredibly margnificent
 world in itself." (Henry Miller)

Nature is full of subtle beauty. This beauty is always there but I can
walk for miles, focused on where I am going and never see anything.
With my photography, I try to focus on the details surrounding me;
the minutiae that is so easy to pass by. How magnificent it is to capture
 the light playing on a leaf, of watch a blossom sip dewdrops! As I stare
 at a bird or sit beneath a tree, I wonder if either is concentrating as much
 on me as I am on it.

Color and texture abound in nature. The roughness of the tree bark allows
me to soothe an itch. A grove of yellow aspen invites me to rest. The multiple
shades of leaves open my eyes to hues beyond what I have as yet imagined.
Tiny bubbles forgotten by the spit bug bring images of blowing bubbles as a child,
 but also stickiness in my fingers.

My photography isn't a necessity in the larger world. Others wouldn't miss
 what I capture in my treks, but it's part of my soul. These images reflect what
 is important to me. Each serves as a reminder to slow down, to stop, and to
 see, to really see where I am.

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